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Hollard Group is a privately owned insurance group based in South Africa that operates under two insurance licences: short term and life. The company was established in 1980 by Robert Enthoven, and the Enthoven family retains the majority share, locally through The Enthoven Family Trust (EFT) and internationally through Capricorn Ventures International (CVI).


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Current Employee - Accountant says

"favoritism, backstabbing, no promotion opportunities, turnover is high, finance is not valued and finance managers suck up to keep their job"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-there is a lot of favouritism within management -very sneaky, not transparent at all"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Promotion and flexibility are purely based on favouritism and who management has personal relationships with. Worst HR team I have dealt with in my 10+ years of experience. Clueless, ineffective and rude. I would witness bullying on a regular basis with managememt and HR turning a blind eye to it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- no opportunity to develop, other than current job."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"Not enough working experience as work is given to contractors."

Former Employee - Reinsurance Analyst says

"Compensation for workers needs to be reviewed up"

Current Employee - Sales Consultant says

"As a sales person they seem to forget that we rely more on commission, they cant just decide not buy the leads anymore because that will impact negatively on us and our families."

Current Employee - Business Intelligence Developer says

"Because of the the "we don't promote" culture there is very little career growth. And the political culture created with the new management kills passion."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management need to be held accountable for staff dissatisfaction and unhappiness."

FIED AGENT (Former Employee) says

"Working with clients on a daily basic. Have energy be nice to clients. Dress formal be kind to client's. Make sure u know ur product and be kind to client's"

BRANCH CONSULTANT (Current Employee) says

"Bad management they dont treat peaple fairly and only cares about them self also consider fast taken decisions and bad commission cant live it more the basic...."

sale agent (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working there so much because there was no supervisor to tell u what to do,you just work to reach target.The saddest part is that they don't do as they had said when it comes to money."

Field sales agents at Hollard (Former Employee) says

"Hollard is a well oiled slave driving machine. The company gives out too little and expects too much in return. Their commission is almost non-existent. Their management strategy is deeply flawed and communication within and amongst the departments is terrible. Hollard maximizes on profit but does not take care of its employees, especially those at the field level. I would never recommend it to anyone as a place of work, however, their products are excellent and very competitive, if the company invested more in its personnel, it would probably be the highest ranking insurance company in the country.nonlong hours, little time off, too much work, very little pay and absolutely no support from tghe company."

Junior Branch consultant (Current Employee) says

"They promised me to increase my salary after 3 months I've been waiting and they keep on increasing monthly sales . They really descourage their employees"

Field agent (Former Employee) says

"I was working as a field agent on the sun ,it's really hard to get clients .after training they don't give you money for transport to go to work have to wait for two months in order to get paid after training.Free transportSalary's are different"

Field Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"Checking in at the office in the morning before taking of the the field. the hardest part is standing on foot whole day talking to people and accepting their rejection. my co_workers are friendly and warm. i learned how to do sales.Free breakfastOutdoor work, unfavorable working conditions."

Branch Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working at hollard was fun at the beginning but now I see no growth and the is a bad conflit at work because of empty promises by our managers. Now don't want to part of it because I'm not that kind of person who always complain where the is no need. I want to leave the company because its not fun and safe anymore.Free launchLong hours"

HR Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Low Salary scale, Low management, shortage of staff that leads to a very high pressure to the existing employees. No lunch and even knocking off late in the office without overtime payment"

branch consultant (Current Employee) says

"I really enjoy working with a young dynamic group at hollard but as if i can do better. But really great full for the opportunity they offered me.....no free lunchnon"

sales consultant (Former Employee) says

"great opportunity management had an open door policy ,colleagues very helpful,was a home away from home!moneylack of communication"

National Claims Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy my current employer, I am looking for a more challenging role and an opportunity to grow.Team BuildingsExtrta Effort"

Sales executive (Former Employee) says

"Business follow the culture of business and guide by mission,I learn to be flexible following rules of the business always working on time frame hardest when we go look for new clients"

Financial Officer (Former Employee) says

"I cut my teeth in the corporate environment as a Sales Consultant in Short Term and Long Term Insurance) at Hollard Insurance. My experience range from advising clients on their investment portfolios from personal life insurance to household and car insurance. My role involved a great deal of multi-tasking, working with my team and as an individual, coordinating with the management in planning strategically how to grow the business.long lunch timelong hours"

Sales Consultant. Call Centre (Former Employee) says

"Typical work day would be to get in, sign in and dial and expected to make sales within 4 hours of work. I learned how to be patient with clients and understand their needs and to allow them to express themselves. Taught me sales and that at times clients will entertain you even though they know that they do not want to buy. Work culture was based on the mission and vision of the company. The hardest part of the job was not being able to meet targets. the most enjoyable part of my work was having a client pleased with the service I gave even if it was just explaining and they did not buy and I did not make any sale.Training, workers function, team buildingLeads"

sales consultant and seniour sales consultant (Former Employee) says

"Working for hollard was a very interesting experience.I got to learn more about insurance policies and how they initially work.Hollard is a well known insurance company and I appreciate having a hollard insurance backround because of its recognized insurance rates.it is in overall a good company to work for but had poor salary remuneration and sometimes unorganised management staffgreat commission structurepoor communication with management"

Sales consaltaint (Former Employee) says

"I did enjoy working that company the people were good . The management were also trying their best to make us happy. the job was not hard @ all I was making incentive. the money and the team buildeing"

Instore retail sales consultant (Former Employee) says

"I learnt a lot from the company met differnt people and that helped me to cope in a working environment . It was also helping me with my comunication skills as I am a public relations student so I really did benefit . I learnt to cope with the work stress and working undepressure with some difficult customer overall my mananger was a nice person we communicated well and I enjoyed moving from one place to another, for the sales drive it showed that they look up to me .If they could choose me to go do the sales drive shows that they had faith in me .sales drive we had to put in more hours"

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"high risk limited growth and conducive work targets . lack of support from management , lack of working resources ,yet so much expectations with limited time framegood working conditionscommission based"

Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"I work in a broker of Hollard so the only knowledge I have is about malwande investment. Each sale pay R200 but only you got 6 sales R2200 plus commission"